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  • Super-Tough Tempered Security Mesh 
  • Security Lock 5/8” Throw, 5 Pin Cylinder  
  • Quiet Closure Wool Pile Sealed Frame
  • Silent Low Friction Hinges  
  • Strong Extruded Tubular Frame 
  • Heavy Duty Corner Locks



  • GENERAL: Doors shall be security mesh type with insect screen and lock.
  • MATERIAL: Frame members shall be of 6063-T5 and 6063T6 aluminum alloy.
  • CONSTRUCTION: Frame members will have an integral channel designed to accept Super-Tough tempered security mesh. Frame corners shall be fitted together to form a tight joint, assembled with heavy duty corner locks.
  • FINISH: Doors shall be manufactured in standard ESP Bronze or White.
  • WEATHER STRIPPING: Outer frame jambs and header shall be sealed with wool pile weather strip for quiet closure.
  • HARDWARE: Security lock shall have solid brass face and escutcheon plates. Double latch dead bolt with 5/8” throw. Five pin keyed cylinder with two keys. Standard Chrome finish. Black, Brass and Pewter finish are available. Silent low friction hinges. Installation hardware is available but not included.
  • INSTALLATION: All doors shall be installed and securely anchored in openings which are plumb, level and square.
  • NOTE: Specifications subject to change without notice.