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  • Weather stripping
  • Closed Vents Lock
  • Bushing/No Metal-Metal Contacts
  • Snap in Aluminum Glazing Bead
  • ESP Bronze or White Finishes
  • Insulated & Impact Glazing Option
  • Colonial Grille Option





  • GENERAL: Windows shall be aluminum Casement type.
  • MATERIAL: Frame sections shall be 6063T5 and 6063T6 aluminum alloy.
  • FINISH: Colors shall be in ESP Bronze or White.
  • CONSTRUCTION: Bushings or guides shall be used to prevent any metal to metal contact of moving parts. Vents shall lock, and are actuated from the interior.
  • GLAZING: Windows designed for exterior factory glazing and aluminum snap on bead. Tinted, reflective and other glazing materials are also available.
  • HARDWARE: Operator shall have heat treated steel gears and shall transmit power to the window by means of a bottom mounted four bar hinge. Installation hardware is available but not included.
  • WEATHER STRIPPING: Frame and vents shall have weather stripping.
  • SCREEN: Screen cloth shall be fiberglass 18 x 16 mesh installed in a tubular roll-formed section that is removable only from the interior of the building.
  • INSTALLATION: All units shall be erected in openings prepared by others in accordance with manufacturer’s recommendations. Frames must be securely fastened, set plumb, level and square without twisting, bowing or springing. Units are to be caulked as detailed with a suitable caulking compound. Manufacturer assumes no liability for damage by the trades or final cleaning of units.
  • NOTE: Specifications subject to change without notice