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  • Silent, Low Friction Operation 
  • Nylon Wheels 
  • Weather sealed throughout
  • Removable Sash 
  • Strong Tubular Interlock 
  • Available with Nailing Fin Adaptors



  • GENERAL: Windows shall be horizontal rolling.
  • MATERIAL: Frame members shall be of 6063-T5 and 6063T6 aluminum alloy.
  • CONSTRUCTION: Frame members have a depth of 1 7/8”. Vent members have a depth of 1”. Frame and sash corners shall be fitted together to form a tight joint. Moving sash shall be equipped with nylon wheels.
  • FINISH: Windows shall be manufactured in standard ESP Bronze or White.
  • GLAZING: Windows designed for exterior factory glazing and aluminum snap on bead. Tinted and other glazing materials are also available.
  • HARDWARE: Operating sash shall have a continuous integral finger pull and die cast cam lock so that when closed and locked, sash cannot be opened or removed from the exterior. Installation hardware is available but not included
  • WEATHER STRIPPING: All horizontal sash members, outer frame jambs and fixed vertical interlocks shall be sealed with vinyl polypropylene pile weather strip.
  • INSTALLATION: All windows shall be installed and securely anchored in openings which are plumb, level and square. Suitable caulking shall be applied.
  • NOTE: Specifications subject to change without notice.