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  • Saves Electricity for lighting.
  • Double layer Lexan dome.
  • Bronze Tinted over clear. 
  • All Aluminum frame.
  • Bronze Baked Enamel Paint.
  • Installs Simply, Self Flashing.





GENERAL: Skylights are available in 2’0”, 2’8” and 4’0” wide, by 2’0”, 2’8”, and 4’0” long. Roof opening size is minus 1 ”.

MATERIAL: Aluminum extruded frame designed to resist normal outdoor conditions.

FINISH: Skylights shall be manufactured with a standard bronze baked enamel paint. Other paint finishes and colors are also available.

HARDWARE: Installation hardware is available but not included.

CONSTRUCTION: Main frame and dome members shall be welded. Dome shall be held in place with removable fasteners.

INSTALLATION: Skylights shall be erected by others in accordance with manufacturer’s recommendations. Unit must be securely fastened, set plumb, level and square without twisting, bowing or springing. Manufacturer assumes no liability for damage by the trades or final cleaning of the units. 

NOTE: Specifications subject to change without notice.